1) I am a doctor myself, but when I heard the scoliosis diagnosis for my daughter, I became depressed, sleepless and was crying all the time. I was frustrated because the doctors routinely decided only to observe the scoliosis development and some time afterwards to perform surgery. Complete confusion and hopelessness of situation were supported by diagnoses of various specialists. All my family was really scared, but luckily we visited Valentyn. It took him only two weeks to accomplish a miracle, after which my daughter and all of us came back to life. It was two years ago, the terrible diagnosis is since forgotten – I believe that forever. Thank you, our miracle worker, our beloved doctor Valentyn!  /Luyba

2) Everybody knows that it is not easy to find employment, but it is very easy to lose it. I was the victim of such situation, after three years of treating pains in the heel-bones. I was not able to stay on my foot, and shots helped only for 2-3 days. I went through all types of treatment – traditional and non-traditional, as I had plenty of advice from all sides with this painful problem. But one day I was given Valentyn’s phone number. He explained me right away the real reason for my trouble. Then he demonstrated me, how I stopped to feel pain, while doing imprints on the hydro-system. My hopes and dreams came true when, already standing on the orthotics, I jumped on my heels. My great thank you to my doctor for giving me my life back.  /Sasha

3) My mother took me and my sister to the doctor to make orthotics. But after examining us, doctor said that  we both have to have serious migraines. He was right – I and my sister were suffering with migraines for many years and prescription drugs were of no help. After two sessions of massage and after walking on the orthotics for a month, we did not have migraines even once. We are very happy and grateful that doctor Valentyn is in our life.  / Iliya

4) I came to see doctor about pain sensation in my foot and protruding toe bone. Now my walk is normal and the bone decreased in size. But this is what particularly impressed me – my veins concealed and there is no sensation of “cold feet” any more. Valentyn told me about this coming improvement, but I hardly believed him – the specialists recommended the surgery. Thank you, doctor, and I wish success in your work.  / Мaria

5) For more than 20 years now Valentyn is constantly making orthotics for me. Some time ago it was in Ukraine, and now in Canada. But I would like to tell you about what happened with my friend whom I brought to see Valentyn, who just came to orthopaedic centre in Berlin. My friend was scheduled for surgery of amputation his both legs. He developed the diabetic hangrene and practically was not able to walk.  That day all specialists were greatly impressed that after 20 minutes of walking on the orthotics, my friend came to us and said: doctor, I am walking. At present, Gunter not only walks normally on his own two feet, but he is not on the “diabetic list” any more, his blood sugar came to normal levels.  It was not a miracle here, but only the competent doctor whom we were lucky to meet.  / Rainer

6) Every woman would clearly understand the situation when there is no possibility to wear designer shoes, when you have constant painful feeling in your feet. It was just my story of 60 years long – I went through surgery of removing protruding bones on my toes. I was young then, only 17, and unfortunately I followed my relatives’ advice. Doctor Valentyn brought me back to life. Nowadays I walk normally on his miracle orthotics, and I wear fashionable shoes too.   / Аnnа

7) Three years of hopes, three years of disappointment when you deal with whole range of doctors, but with no result. My body had no rest because of constant pains in my heel-bones. Working hours became the real hell. I struggled all the time wondering how to walk, how to stand to prevent pain feeling. By the strike of luck, my husband found the advertisement page in the Internet, and we rushed to see doctor Gusyev not even calling for appointment. At first we did not trust his promises that my pains would vanish as soon as I stand on his orthotics. But already at time of correction on his special equipment  setting, the hope for me emerged – painful feeling had gone. In a week I forgot about the problem.  / Irina

8) My daughter’s feet are turned inside, she feels pain while walking.  We addressed our problem to various doctors, but only my daughter’s tears were at the end of every visit. Diagnosis was always like this: it could not be cured, orthotics are of no help, etc. We were recommended to visit the Center of doctor Valentyn. It took a week for her feet to align properly, the predicted scoliosis disappeared.  / Lena

9) My daughter is the student of ballet dancing. We were told that dances would help to correct scoliosis. But curvature of the spine was only increasing with years. The doctors only observed and measured the angles. We were recommended to visit the Centre of doctor Valentyn Gusyev.  Immediately after first session I noticed the favourable changes. And when she began to walk on orthotics, her spine was already normal. Only one centimetre of difference – and years of confusion, ignorance and sleepless nights in the past. We are sincerely grateful to Valentyn and we wish him great success in his noble work. You want to live when you know that there is such a doctor as he.  / Lena

10) I am 22 years old, and I am a coach for ball dances.  But it so happened that the bone protruded on my big toe, with pain while walking and dancing as the result. Future of my work became questionable. But doctor Valentyn helped me. My great thanks to him and to his miracle orthotics. Now I walk and dance in a normal way. I was promised that the foot will be restored and the bones will disappear.  / Carina

11) My son is 25 years old. In his childhood he was diagnosed with flat feet. With this diagnosis we are wondering around various doctors for years, we are making orthotics, but feet deformations only increase. It happened that even some extra bone protruded over the inner part of the foot. My son came to visit me and together we came to see doctor Valentyn. The doctor explained right away that my son’s condition is not flat-footedness, named the reasons for his particular deformation and put my son on the orthotics.  As a result, it is now absolutely another feet. At present we are lucky to walk out of the dark, and we clearly understand what we have to do and how. We are now confident in the day to come.   / Оlga

12) My friend brought me to see doctor Valentyn.  My constant headaches and lower back pains worried and bored all my relatives and friends. I was really shocked just with the first words of the doctor. While examining my feet, he was telling me about all my problems – from head to toe to internal organs. And afterwards, in half an hour, he removed all my pains in the spine. Be sure – you can trust yourself and your kids to such a doctor.   / Natasha

13) I am doctor Valentyn’s patient for many years now. The question of walking normally is not a problem for me any more. At present I usually come to see him when some health problems spring up. Sometime constipation and heartburn appear. All is gone in weeks without medications. Now with years I even gained some weight. I remember doctor’s saying – this is problem that can be solved. I believe that he will do it with success.  / Michail

14) Like every mother, I am always concerned with physical development of my sons, in particular, with proper posture and proper gait. The reason is my clear understanding of how important this is for overall development and wellbeing of human organism. From my own experience I am aware that the footwear is in the core of all problems. For only four months in my teenage years I wore the model fashionable shoes that were not proper from orthopaedics point of view. The result was the toes deformation, from which I suffer constantly till now. At present, it is very difficult to find right footwear with proper features and properties in the stores (even if you know exactly what are you looking for). And if in addition I try to accommodate my sons’ demands for specific boots and shoes they would prefer to wear – then situation is even tougher. But everything said and done, we eventually run into real problems, namely:

• My eldest son (12 years old) began to twist the inner part of his right foot inside, his shoes soles were worn out by 1-2 cm literally every month.

• My youngest (10 years old) suddenly developed the knob on the upper side of the foot arch. It protruded for 5-8 mm, and it grew very rapidly (2-3 weeks). It was just scary even to look at it.

I addressed this situation to Valentyn Gusyev, as I heard a lot of good things about him. Valentyn Gusyev is a founder of Scientific Research Centre of Functional Orthopaedics.

During the initial testing it appeared that both my children have X-shaped legs (one knee is in contact with the other, constantly touches it in standing position). This is indicator of the difference in legs lengths. Valentyn explained that it is so called functional shortening; the reason for it lies in abnormal twisting of the ankle joint, and consequences are the curvature of the spinal cord and scoliosis. And right away he attracted my attention to visible distortions and disbalances in the area of spinal cord, and to the obvious difference in the shoulder-blades heights. The right conclusion was: if to avoid the immediate solving of the problem, the result is the stable scoliosis. Besides, my younger son has all the features of flat-footedness in the strongly neglected stage. Farther on Valentyn explained to us in details what are the differences and uniqueness of his own methods , due to which he is able to completely eliminate the distortions and disbalances. It is worth mentioning that Valentyn Gusyev is the author of more than 250 scientific articles, of tens of methods and special manufactured articles, protected by Patents and Licences from different countries (Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Japan); his works were awarded the prestigious European awards.

Back home I made my own investigation through Internet in connection with my kids’ problems. I realized that Canadian medical practise mainly “observe” the children with such distortions, not suggesting any kind of treatment to them till the time when their growth and development is complete, and skeletal-muscular carcass is formed. I understood that I am absolutely against the medical routine that deprives the child of treatment in the period of his development. Moreover I was against the perspective of eventual spinal cord surgery for its fixation with titanium plates. As to flat-footedness, it is not cured in Canada at all.

I also explored Valentyn Gusev’s website www.footcentre.ca  and came to conclusion – we have to seek his help immediately.  We didn’t have to wait long for the results – the spine became aligned after several sessions of muscles relaxation.  Valentyn’s experience and his scientific and practical findings prompts that deformation is not a twisted spine or crooked legs.  Deformation is the problem of Central Nervous System (CNS) that affects the muscles apparatus in preventing the body from falling down. I noticed clearly that after restoring my sons’ posture, normalization of the entire organism functioning took place. You do not have to wait long for positive results.

That is why I decided to share this information with other parents.

Valentyn Gusyev considers that at present time 95% of children demonstrate various distortions and disbalances of body’s locomotor system. There are a lot of reasons for that, but few parents are aware of them as well as few understand the right criteria for choosing proper footwear. A lot of deformation problems are observed for children as young as 3-5 years. Valentyn stands out not only as professional of the highest level, but he is also so called fan of his profession – in the best possible sense of this word.    Unfortunately, the prophylactic medicine is almost absent in Canada, but it is well known that prevention is much more important and successful then treatment.  / Galina Belous

15) After I visited the Center of Functional Orthopaedics, I feel that I was born again. I came with feet problems, with concern about protruding bone of the big toe. But a lot of still other health problems were described to me on the spot. I lived with them and I struggled with them, but no one was able to help me. Namely, I suffered from constant everyday migraines that made my life a living hell, and I am only 35 years old. But today the miracle happened. Not only I  walk normally now, but for 2 weeks in a row my migraines had gone. I strongly believe that from now on everything will be fine with me. My great thanks to Valentyn for bringing happiness to my home.  / Nina

16) I am not a young person, already above 70, and it is so painful to realize that in past years nobody was able to help with my health problems. Doctors did not ever specify what is wrong with me and what I am supposed to do. My legs turned into red-coloured “logs” and were painful because of extensive swelling. I was not able either to stand or to walk. But I was lucky to speak on phone with Valentyn Gusyev, and hope for help came to me. The meeting with him justified all my expectations. In only two weeks I am walking 2 hours a day on his miracle orthotics. The swelling decreased, skin colour is back to normal. Moreover, I was so surprised when computer testing revealed that the whole organism’s functioning is stabilized as well. It is a great pity that before in my life I had never met such a broad-minded professional with his outstanding experience and knowledge.  / Daniel

17) The child is most precious for every mother, and it is so painful to realize that you do not know how to help him. But today I am not crying any more. I observe the situation and I am sure that my child will be healthy. He is in good hands of excellent professional, for whom no secret is left in the human organism functioning. To such specialists you could safely trust your children. My sincere gratitude to Valentyn and his colleagues. I wish you success in your work.  / Anna

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