Doctor's office

Doctor’s office

For the first time in world practice our Centre developed the basics of the functional correction for skeletal-muscular carcass or frame of the human body. We view this correction as unified process aimed to eliminate disbalance of forces in system muscles-load, and to restore pump function for the muscles and functioning of the organism in integrity.

The groundwork for developed methods of functional correction contains the following underlying principles and ideas: self-regulation and functional integrity of the human organism, knowledge of human biomechanics and physiology, understanding of pump function of skeletal muscles. Moreover, among utmost important we view the connection between nature-established movements’ sequence (thus, muscles contractions) and cell metabolism sustaining processes.

Feet deformations chart

Feet deformations chart

Diagnostics equipment for producing 3D images of the feet imprints and their regimentation in relation with muscles character (tone) and with deformations of support feet arches associated with the muscles tone. The arch deformations determine and condition all successive types of deformations, namely:

  • descending of the lateral arch vertex – cuboid or cubiform bone;
  • abnormal outward turning of the heel bone (“valgus” heel bone) and pronation of subtalar joint;
  • the decreasing height of inner amortization surface (medial longitudinal arch), mistakenly assumed as flatfoot diagnosis. To underlay the support (regular rigid orthotics) under the inner arch is not permissible because this deprives the arch of its amortization function.

hydro system deviceInstallation for defining the difference in legs lengths and the difference in shoes heelpieces heights. This installation upholds the feet skeleton and the body skeleton in neutral vertical posture with load positive 3D feet imprintdistributed evenly and uniformly over the orthotics surface. This equipment permits to get positive 3D feet imprint in standing position, which imprint represents the diagnostics element for deformations and at the same time is the base for bio-podocorrectors. The positive method does not demand for filling of plaster casts, and therefore does not contribute the usual technological errors into orthotics manufacturing process.

Thermoplastic material orthoticThermoplastic materials on the ground of non-polar polymers, that are capable to fixate the human organism energy status and condition in the process of making the feet imprint or to record the therapeutic bio-resonance programs.

Computer systems for estimating the quality of feet and spine correction, for monitoring and controlling of how bio-podocorrectors influence the human organism.

Computer test results - before and after

Computer test results – before and after

Methods and appliances for correction of complex types of toes deformations and deformations of transversal feet arches.

toes deformations correction - before and after

Methods for spine correction when there are different kinds and degrees of deformations, for eliminating the muscles spasms and pains, for normalization of internal organs functioning.

spine deformation correction - before and after

Methods for elimination of visceral-vascular circulatory system disorders – “cold feet”, the lower limbs veins diseases, swelling, wounds and sores that do not heal over, the development of feet gangrene in case of diabetic angiopathy.

diabetic feet correction - before and after

The locomotor system’s correction is the foundation for any therapeutic treatment!

The feet and spine correction must be performed only simultaneously and ever under control, while excluding any kind of subjectivism!

The human organism that is functionally balanced is the really healthy organism!