Question 1. After pregnancy and childbirth I noticed the blue net of capillaries on my hips, and the veins on both shins appeared enlarged. I was 35 years old when I surgically removed veins on one leg, but in a year the legs’ condition took a turn for the worse, and I began to feel pain. Give me advice what should be done if any in this case. FAQ

The varicose veins must not be considered as hereditary illness – it is disbalance in the system of venous-muscular pumps of lower extremities. The reasons for this are feet deformations, irregularities in gait biomechanics, footwear that is not properly chosen for particular foot, and even squeezing of the veins under the knee when a person is sitting. All these factors work for distortion of contraction sequence of feet muscles. These highly organized contractions are the established product of human evolution, and they provide and secure the blood uplifting to the heart through the consecutive system of veins’ valves. Veins’ valves prevent blood from flowing back and down. If contraction sequence of muscles is distorted, then the zones of increasing pressure come into existence in places where the vein is widened. In this wide zone the valve is already not able to block vein’s increased cross-section. The blood is dropped down, pressure increases in the downward vein areas, and inevitably the reverse blood current emerges flowing into under-skin venous net and into capillaries. After walking on orthotics podocorrectors, and in case that skeletal-muscular feet carcass is properly balanced, biomechanics of the gait is restored. We observe that veins and capillaries nets disappear, skin color is restored and feet are constantly warm.

Question 2. My son has the flat foot diagnosis. We have tried a lot of various orthotics – there was no improvement. Doctors are saying that this deformation could not be corrected. What type of orthotics may help?

Practically every person needs his feet to be corrected. Feet deformation is one of original causes of disbalance and distortions in all skeleton structures located above the knees – up to the neck. If the skeleton is shifted from the neutral symmetrical position, then this is exactly deformation, which might be the result of muscles spasm or the consequence of applied external or internal load that exceeds muscle tone. That is why, when ordering orthotics you have to clearly understand what problems are supposed to be solved with the help of orthotics manufacturing technologies. Notice that all efforts have to be directed at the restoring of contraction functions of the muscles, at compensation of the load, i.e. at shifting the body’s General Center of Gravity (GCG). Orthotics must help the feet muscles to extinguish large dynamic loads that spring up in walking process. The foot’s inner arch is responsible for this (under inner arch there is a big gap for this purpose). This clear space is the braking way on which speed of walking foot reaches 60 km/hr. If the rigid orthotics is put under inner arch, it constitutes the hand-made equivalent of flat foot, and the foot itself is thus deprived of its utmost important amortizing function. The foot imprints must be produced only in standing position, with compensation of difference in legs’ lengths. Flat-footedness, decreasing in the height of inner arch could be observed in 9-20% of the population, all other cases are only consequences of the whole variety of reasons. They are not taken into account. You can read about these problems in details in my collection of articles “How feet deformations affect the overall condition of human organism”.

Question 3. I have difficulties walking, besides I have burning sensation under my toes, and the bone on big toe is protruding. I was offered the surgical operation. What should I do?

In this situation we deal with deformation of foot transverse arch. The reasons for this type of deformation might be footwear with narrow toe-chamber and high heel-piece. Heads of 2-nd and 3-rd toes descended and thus increased the foot width in transverse cross-section. The joint of big toe abnormally represent now the new bone formation. In order to restore position of big toe, it is necessary to put heads of 2-nd and 3-rd toes back on their proper place – and orthotics podocorrectors are doing just that. As to surgery, it has only cosmetic character. Surgical operations disrupt the kinematics of joints conjugation, traumatize the muscles, and afterwards the deformation develops itself by unpredictable scenario.

Question 4. My son has a scoliosis. Doctor states that it can’t be corrected. Procedure is – we will observe the developments and then perform the surgery and insert the titanium plate. Is there any other solution? 

The whole process and underlying mechanism of spine deformations development is the reaction of Central Nervous System (CNS) on the shifting of body’s General Centre of Gravity (GCG) – when the head deviates from vertical position. The reason for this is the difference in legs’ lengths (both anatomic and functional). Spine correction is possible only if this difference is compensated, moreover – if correction of all skeleton elements is performed simultaneously (especially correction of short and deep-laying spine muscles). All this procedure is routinely performed in our Centre using so called hydrostatic method, when a patient is in standing position on the diaphragms of communicating vessels. It takes from 2-3 weeks to several months to eliminate the spine deformations.

Question 5. My hands and feet are always cold – the whole year round. Nobody can explain why. But I myself have a feeling that my existing problems with other internal organs are somehow connected with this coldness. What I am supposed to do in this situation?

Your estimation of the described connection is absolutely right. All illnesses begin from the disbalance in blood circulation and in lymph circulation. Cold hands and cold feet just point out on this disbalance. If you wear shoes with high heels, with narrow toe-chamber, if you turn your feet outside while walking, it leads to disruption in muscles pump function and contraction function. The development of varicosis and swelling follows. If you correct your foot properly using orthotics-podocorrectors, if you begin to walk in a right way, then in few hours your feet coldness will disappear, and soon after the whole organism functioning will come to normal.

Question 6. For several years already I have painful heel of the left foot. X-ray was done and blood transfusion, needles were attached, etc. Doctors’ diagnosis was “the heel spur”. The only treatment I was prescribed – soft pillows under the heel-bone and pain-killer injections (after which situation usually turned to the worth). Give me advice, whether it is possible to cure this “heel spur”. I do not like the idea to be the painkillers addict to the end of my life. Thank you in advance! 

Without any doubts, we can help you! First of all, permit me to explain that there are a lot of reasons for feeling pain in the heels. In some cases it may be enough to choose properly the pair of shoes for pain feeling in the heel to stop. It is usually the case. Seldom anybody knows nowadays how the footwear must be properly chosen, the doctors are not aware of this either. That is why the less and less proper footwear appear on the market. But we can successfully eliminate pain in the heels, and it takes only a week or so. Of course, you have to come for consultation in our Centre, where we would be able to examine in details the underlying reasons for your problem. Right now, I can assure that immediately after you begin to stay on the orthotics-podocorrectors, you could jump on your heels not feeling any pain.

Question 7. My little daughter (she is 4 years old) is walking with her knees touching each other. The doctor says that it is still early to bother about this situation, and it is “early” to cure such a little kid. Please tell me please whether this is right, and from what age it is reasonable to consult with orthopaedics specialist?

My immediate answer for your last question: it is obligatory to show the infant to orthopaedic specialist in his first weeks of life, and of course, after his first steps. Beginning from this moment his gait, his posture and hence his entire organism is under formation and under construction. It is just wrong to wait for deformations to become obvious. Correction must be performed during the time period when skeletal-muscular carcass is still formed, but not after its formation is complete. When the treatment is routinely classified by age group criteria and with very narrow and specific doctors’ professional specialization we obtain the sad result – thirteen years old child is offered to do surgery on his spinal cord. X-shaped legs indicate that the child has big difference in the legs’ lengths. It is summed up of anatomic and functional leg’s length difference (because of feet deformation). Semi-dislocation and dysplasia of hips’ joints are often the reasons for not using swaddling of the babies in their first months of life. The child’s organism is very pliable and capable of rapid restoration. Notice the most important issue – deformations are the problems of muscular apparatus, it is not curved spinal cord or twisted foot. They are kept in these crooked positions by body muscles. When you properly work with muscular apparatus, all problems may be solved, the entire organism functioning is normalized.

Question 8. My husband is suffering from the constant muscles spasms (cramps, convulsions) of his legs calves. How can we get rid of this trouble?

Muscles spasms (or crams, or convulsions) may occur for different reasons. One of them might be congenital muscles hyper-tone, distortion in muscles contraction pump function.  Spasms often happen at night, after big one-time physical load, or if there is disbalance in digestive system, as well as if person has gout, diabetes. To figure out the specific reasons in your case, your husband has to make appointment to meet our specialists.  Muscles relaxation is provided with massage and hot bathes, by wearing off-loading orthotics podocorrectors. These orthotics restore the muscles contraction function, as well as blood and lymph circulation in entire organism. If you walk on podocorrectors, then in several days you forget about spasms and cramps.

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