About us


The founder of functional orthopedia and methods are practicing in our clinic is Laurentyi Gusyev. Starting from 1943 he worked in field of orthopaedics and became a leader in prosthetics in former USSR.

Valentyn Gusyev. The founder of functional orthopedia methods and authors of hundreds of scientific articles and reports.

Valentyn Gusyev

His son Valentyn Gusyev developed and extended father’s business. From 1963 Valentine joined to his father and began his carrier in field of prosthesis. Later, he graduated from Kiev University and received his Master Degree as Mechanical Engineer. After internship he became a scientific worker and made researches on the areas of medical technologies and physics of materials. However, specter of his interests grasps wider on chemistry, physics, and electronics. He composed unique materials that allowing writing down to and keeping on an information from bio-objects (as a human.) Later, these materials became base for BIO-PODO-CORRECTORS and concept of energy body self-regulation by means of these podo-correctors to foot reflexes was developed.
All these researches influenced Valentyn to study alternative medicine. In Canada he became a Doctor Natural Medicine (DNM). Also, he continued education and certified as C.D. Osteopath, Reflexologist, Accupanturer, and specialist in bio-resonance diagnostic and treatment.

During many years, Valentyn Gusyev altogether with scientists and physicians made researches on Gait Bio-Mechanics and magnetic wave’s therapy; research results proved relationship and therapeutic effects of foot correction on vertebral column and body self-regulating processes. These laid down for development new methods of diagnostic and orthopaedic correction of feet and spine and maintaining energy body balance (homeostasis.)

For all these years, by Laurentyi and Valenyn Gusyev were written more than two hundreds scientific articles and reports and developed scores of new methods and technologies, which got awards in different countries, such as Russia, Ukraine, Germany, France, and Japan. Today our leader Valentyn Gusyev lives and works in Toronto, and centres organized by him are working in Ukraine, German, and Canada.