Bio-Podocorrectors represent orthotics that possess the following features: they are off-loading and functionality-corrective orthotics that are able to successfully restore the balanced condition of skeleton-muscular carcass of the feet and to rebuild the muscles pump function. Besides, bio-podocorrectors store information on energy condition of human organism.

The orthopaedics correction of whole human body skeleton-muscular carcass represents the instrument for rebuilding lymph and blood-circulation and therefore for sustaining the cellular metabolism.

The material of orthotics bio-podocorrectors undergoes polarization process and thus orthotics fixate and read-off over reflector feet surface information on organism energy condition. This information is monitored through the correction process in standing position on hydrosystem.

The technology of getting the off-loading positive imprint and orthotics manufacturing provide the following possibilities:

  1. to compensate anatomic and functional difference in lower limbs lengths in standing position (precision of compensating process is tenths of millimetres);
  2. to diagnose and to eliminate deformations of support arches (namely, external longitudinal and transversal) and to restore the “spring” (amortizing) function of internal arch;
  3. to define the individual person-oriented height of casual footwear heel-pieces under the balanced condition of skeleton-muscular feet structures (the human body is in vertical stable position);
  4. to perform the information therapy, the bioresonance therapy or some other therapies, while registering how the human organism reacts and responses to bio-podocorrectors;
  5. to perform objective quality estimation of feet correction process and of how exactly orthotics affect the spine condition and the human organism as a whole. This impersonal estimation and monitoring permits to reach objectiveness and possibility to control and manage the general process of feet correction and restoring the locomotor system.

The functional correction of locomotor system elements is the way to restore the self-regulatory human organism function!

Bio-Podocorrectors are recommended to everybody!

  • For children and youth: through the period when skeleton-muscular carcass of feet and spine is actively formed (1-18 years of age).
  • For deformed toes and deformed feet arches, for burning sensation over the feet soles, painful callus steams and corns.
  • Swelled feet, vein varicoses, cold feet, diabetic foot, wounds that do not heal over, pregnancy period.
  • Heels, joints and lower back pains, headaches, migraines.
  • Deformations of transversal feet arches, hammer-shaped toes.
  • Shortening of lower limb, X-shaped legs.
  • The energy bio-resonance and other types of information therapies for human organism that suffers from different diseases.

The system with functionally balanced energy represents
and reflects the healthy organism!