Functional Orthopedics


The human organism represents the integral bio-energy system, the base of which is cellular structure. Any disruption in the cells functioning leads to disruptions in the whole human organism. The skeletal muscles are responsible for maintaining the cells metabolism and their energy potential. These muscles jointly with veins and lymphatic vessels form so called “pumps” that are responsible for the following processes: delivering the nutrients to the cells and extracting and withdrawing products of cellular decay, washing them out of intercellular liquid.

pump function of the musclesThe efficiency of lymph and venous pumps functioning is connected with pump function of the muscles, and it depends on muscles ability to contract fully through the cycle of physiological movement. This contraction is linked to the position of skeletal bones to which the muscles are attached. The median or neutral position of the skeleton is determined by its “paired” muscles. Deviation of the skeleton from neutral position constitutes deformation (namely the skeleton is not returning to neutral position after external forces already stopped to affect it).

While considering deformations of skeletal-muscles carcass, feet deformations and following feet functions – support, adaptation, push function, pump function, reflex function – it must be pointed out that all activities of functional orthopaedics aim at their rebuilding and restoration (muscles pump function being the cornerstone of all physiological processes in the human organism). It is necessary to differentiate the intention to elevate the arch of flat foot from the delivering of genuine comfort if biomechanics of joints movement is real and muscles contractions are effective.

body General Centre of Gravity (GCG)If kinematics of joints movement is disturbed, this results not only in acceleration of wearing out of cartilage layer and in development of inflammatory processes in joints surroundings. Besides, this inevitably calls for additional energy outlay on part of Central Nervous System (CNS). This fact may be perceived as one of the underlying reasons for overtiredness, for developing of “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”.

Orthopaedic correction of feet and vertebral column (spine) must be carried out as the united and interconnected process that aim at reconstruction of position of General Centre of Gravity (GCG) for the body with respect to feet support triangle. Only under this condition the established by natural evolution kinematics of movement can be achieved, as well as the functionality of the whole skeleton-muscles carcass. And only hydrostatic method is the sure way to reach this state for human body!

bringing the body’s GCG to alignment with Centre of Gravity (CG)The surgical intrusions that correct toes deformations and remove veins can’t be considered the orthopaedic help because these cosmetic surgery procedures constitute direct violation of organism’s functionality. The methods of functional orthopaedics permit to eliminate the utmost complex deformations of feet arches and vertebral column, as well as to deal effectively with development of varicoses, swellings, gangrene (considered nowadays as unsolvable problems).     It is not possible to correct properly foot or spine without bringing the body’s GCG to alignment with Centre of Gravity (CG) for the feet support triangle. For this purpose the following skills are needed: to define and subsequently to compensate functional difference and anatomic difference in lower limbs lengths.

Bio-podocorrectors fixes the organism’s energyAfter the correction of skeletal-muscles carcass and restoration of gait biomechanics, the normalization of organism’s functioning is always observed. The human body becomes to use its internal resources to overcome the illnesses. Process of functional correction for the musculoskeletal frame of human body and restoration of cells metabolism must stand as a cornerstone of any therapeutic treatment.

Information on energy condition of the organism recovering from certain illness is accumulated by the footwear orthotics, which fact has to be taken into account if patient undergoes the rehabilitation. The material of Bio-podocorrectors fixes the organism’s energy condition that comes to normal through the process of orthopaedic correction. This indicates that the whole process of feet correction must be objective and controllable and thus the stable therapeutic effect is achieved.

You walk and you are treated simultaneously!