Main elements of podo-correctors


The main element in the process of insole manufacturing is the imprint, made with hydrostatic method when a person is standing on the pillows of the connected vessels. Diagnostics according to the imprints:

The imprint is the 3-dimentional copy of the supporting surface of the feet with equally distributed load. The skeleton of the feet is placed in the neutral position.

f) assessment of the height of the heel.

When muscles are hypertonic (tight muscles) calcaneus of the longer limb is twisted. When muscles are weak – that appears on sole of the shorter limb, that is overloaded;

g) The assessment of the gap (pronation) underneath the arch is done to determine if the muscles are weaker or tighter.

• The imprint from the foot with twisted calcaneus (heel bone). It should be marked.

The most important in the process of correction in to assess the difference in leg length!

• When the calcaneus is twisted, it causes the inner arch pronation, and functional shortening to 10-15mm.

• Only after compensating the functional shortening, posture correction, standing on the insoles, it is possible to compensate anatomic in nature leg length difference, using the balancing device, with hydrosystem.
Feet and spinal column corrections are connected, and have to be done simultaneously.

While standing on the pillows of connected vessels of the hydrosystem, in the stable balanced position, we can see the improvements in the posture. That is the reaction of the Central Nervous System on the process of compensation of the leg length difference, i.e. the shifting in the General Center of the Gravity of the Body (GCG).

Spinal column corrections can be done only in the process of alignment of the GCG of the body relatively to the Center of Gravity (CG) of the supporting triangle of the foot arches!

That is the main condition in the process of feet corrections!

When the forefeet are outwards, CGC of the body is outside of the supporting triangle area, it causes twisting of the arches.

Feet have to be parallel when you’re walking.