Spine and joints pain


In medicine of today the understanding of body’s muscles role in the entire human existence and in various activities is not considered. The pain is viewed as symptomatic for vast spectrum of diseases and ailments but not as the result of distortion in muscles pump function. When deformations occur in the structures of body’s skeleton-muscles carcass, the muscles’ ability to contract become abnormal, but exactly the contraction activity sustains the processes of cellular metabolism. The cells do not get necessary volume of oxygen, consequently the milk acid is formed and peripheral nerves receptors react on its presence. It is not that bones are worn off, joints are painful and vertebral column is crooked and twisted – it is the muscles that could not contract properly, therefore the symmetry and balance of forces in skeletal-muscles carcass are distorted, i.e. the deformation emerges.

Note that feet arches deformations are the result of GCG (General Centre of Gravity) shifting and changing of load with respect to the foot support points (under movement condition). At the same time the spine deformation is the result of vestibular apparatus and Central Nervous System (CNS) functioning for keeping the head in stable vertical position (this is critical for defining the body position in surrounding space). GCG is normally in constant movement with which the physiology of muscles contraction may be explained. The human body has constant tendency to fall down and human being moves the leg ahead (while making the step) to create instantaneously the support and to prevent the fall. Naturally, the change in how the spine bends takes place with every step. Except the physiologically accepted oscillations of body’s GCG that are standard in amplitude, it is possible for GCG to be shifted much more substantially. Inevitably the excessive stretching follows, and overstretched muscles and ligaments may even be torn. All these facts characterize the deformations and their negative influence on the entire organism. And right here and now the talk of chronic pain begins.

To the main factors that cause the shift of body’s GCG, the difference in lower limbs lengths must be attributed. This difference has two component parts – anatomical and functional. Anatomical component may be viewed as constant value, but functional one depends on deformations in feet arches as well as in knee joint, hip joint and ankle joint. If and when the specialists are able to correctly diagnose and then eliminate feet arches deformations, such ailments as scoliosis, vertebrae hernia, joints wear would be extinct.

Other reasons for deformations have to be viewed as minor and could be easily eliminated without intrusion of orthopaedic specialists. It is worth mentioning among these reasons the usage of footwear affecting the gait biomechanics, namely the character of loading and the sequence of muscles contraction. If the lower limbs lengths are not the same and the hip joints are thus located on different heights, then the vertebrae of spine lumbar division are twisting around (vertebrae L5;L4;L3). Later on the similar compensatory arcs formations emerge in cervical and in thorax segments of the backbone.

The bending of vertebral column towards the long limb leads to stretching and spasm of deep short spine muscles on the side of short limb. This is the reason of our painful feeling in this area. Inside the overstretched muscle the cellular membranes become different in shape, thus the passage of elements of substances (ions) inside the cell is obstructed (those ions that cause muscles contraction). It is possible to restore the cells structure only by those methods that are widely used in technique applications when there is a need to change plastics and metals structure. That’s why massage therapy and other similar methods provide only temporary relieve and improvement.

When spasm of short muscles occurs and also in the recuperation period after spinal surgery, the supply of nutrients to internal organs is abnormal. Physiology explains the importance of short muscles functioning from the point of view of organism’s self-regulation in which connections between cells are provided and secured through blood circulation system. The functional diagnosis is reliable in testing of these abnormalities and discrepancies. The massive data available underlines necessity to be very careful and considerate with this type of surgery as negative consequences substantially exceed the expected result.