Healthy organism



There are a lot of different ways for defining the criteria of human health assessment. Most of them are defined by the specialists from different areas of the medical field, according to the specifications of the profession. World Health Organization doesn’t give the answer to the question, what healthy body is. Certainly, it is as hard to study the most complex biological system – the human body, as to examine the myth of creation. Behind all of the excuses the most important thing is, if there is no understanding what state will characterize an organism as healthy, there is no way to determine the methods to restore health. In other words: if there is no diagnosis – there is no treatment. That was proved by statistics, and by real medical practice, which is instead of aiming towards the whole body rejuvenation, is trying to suppress the body reactions, symptoms of a disease.

The impression is that, among all the professions the medical doctors are the most unqualified. They are missing the in-depth knowledge of applied sciences. That’s why sometimes you can hear that medicine is anti-scientific; doctors do not know laws of physics, mechanics, and sometimes physiology. Most of the modern doctors will just send a patient to do analysis or prescribe medications. The modern medicine denies the existence of the biological energy of the human body, which is a structural and sensitive characteristic of any substance (matter), signalling about any functional changes in cells and in body systems. This is despite the fact that these physical principles are applied to magnetic-resonance tomography.

Medical doctors do not apply any treatment to the fundamental unit of the body – the cell. They don’t try to restore skeletal-muscle pump function, which is responsible for the cellular metabolism. They don’t know how to treat deformations of musculoskeletal apparatus (system), the reason why these body processes got distorted. Nowadays less than 20% of the babies are born healthy, that is due to the deformations of the mothers’ pelvic bones and to distortions of the birth canals. 97% of children of school age have feet and vertebral column deformations. Doesn’t it look epidemic? Brain cells recover from exhaustion during the day with the help of functioning skeletal muscles. Doctors do not have a clue that it’s not just the heart that is supplying the body with blood, and they don’t try to restore venous-muscular and lymph pumping systems. Besides they often easily remove veins surgically.

The facts concerning the doctors’ incompetence were mentioned in the report of the scientists, analysing medical work during the period from 1933 to 1999. Their findings showed that 50% of the medical theories are false. All we want to say is that, if there is any disturbance or distortion in the whole system, all the structures are involved and changed. It is not possible to restore the whole body system without treatment of deformations in the musculoskeletal system: feet and vertebral column.