Gout (and other gastrointestinal tract)


The gout by its nature and painful symptoms may be named the leg’s trap. The main element of this disease is accumulation of urinary acid, which is product of disintegration of so called purines. These purines are contained in the human cells and are delivered to the human organism with the food intake. The increased concentration of urinary acid might be the result of worsening in acid dispose through kidneys. The gout may be referred to so called age-related diseases that originate in various setbacks in organism functioning. Metabolism distortions are most frequently observed in the group of average-aged men (after 40-45 years old), but meanwhile there are some post-menopause women in the risk group as well.

The situation is often worsened by lack of water, that’s why human organism, stripped of necessary amount of water, is pressed to take its own emergency measures, i.e. to crystallize the acid and to store it in particular place. As a rule, the gout attack begins with the big toe, exactly the place where capillaries of arterial system end and those of venous systems begin. Obviously, some sort of vessels blockage takes place and the blood flow is compromised. Quite often in such zones the crystallized urinary acid is accumulated in the form of tofuses. They look like joint swelling, and for this reason big toe’s deformation is often considered as gout symptom. Redness and pain usually appear in two hours after the meal and these symptoms increase in intensity pretty fast. It becomes impossible to touch the body surface. In this initial period we recommend to increase the muscles activity in order to help in “pushing through” the salt crystals. But sometimes the gout pain can materialize yet in another body joints. Tofuses tend to appear in the region of elbow joint, in internal organs, on ears lobes. It is not rare for gout sufferers to develop some kidney ailments and urinary stones disease. The heart and other internal organs are rarely affected.

Main part of gout treatment includes not only the diet, but the measures to improve general health, like walking for example. But not every kind of walking process may be called appropriate for providing exactly that effect of blood circulation sustainability. Tight footwear which is not manufactured properly, impairs the sequence of muscles contractions, resulting in the following effects: feet and spine deformations development and distortion in functioning of lymph and venous pumps. The restoring of muscles pump function is utmost important for gout and diabetes sufferers, otherwise life-threatening situation might emerge. Combined with medicine creams and lotions, mineral waters and diet, walking helps to eliminate development of gout’s side-effects. Podo-correctors – off-loading orthotics – prove to be the best means to achieve the result of restoring muscles functioning and entire organism blood circulation. The technology of podo-correctors’ manufacturing permits to compensate for difference in lower limbs lengths, as well as to distribute the body weight evenly over the orthotics surface. Hydro-system particularly brings skeleton-muscules structures of the feet into the neutral position that secures muscles contractions in their full volume. The proper walking with orthotics usage provides the dynamic massage of the soles that improves blood microcirculation, and calluses disappear shortly.