In the normal life cycle of all mutually antithetical processes naturally synchronized with biological rhythms, which is a single oscillating system.

Physiology, considering metabolism – food and excretion of degradation products from the cell – says that these processes are responsible for the muscle. They, along with the venous system are the main pump for the flow of blood and lymph movement. If at diabetic angiopathy the blood circulation is affected, it is primarily due to the violation of the outflow of venous blood.

Today, our center’s specialists perform comprehensive rehabilitation therapy using the latest computerized diagnostic systems of musculoskeletal, feet, spine, internal organs, which makes the process of rehabilitation objectively aimed at the root cause of violations. Computer systems allow the patient to monitor and evaluate the dynamics of the rehabilitation process of the body.

Our methods are unique. The uniqueness lies in their reflex effects of insoles (bio-podocorrectors) carrying the information from your functionally balanced body. This information is recorded on the material of bio-podocorrectors after orthopedic correction of feet, spine, and functional therapy. It corresponds to a healthy body, all the processes which are balanced.

Without the compensation of difference for the limbs it is impossible to normalize posture, correct scoliosis, remove the deformation of the feet and normalize the nervous system controls of the operation of the internal organs.

Ion body cleansing and osteopathic massage is designed to restore the body without  medication effects. Thus by eliminating the factors inhibiting the body work, we restore his self-regulating function of the body.

This is the only holistic and integrated approach which is practiced in our center.