Spine deformation


Spine problems today affects more than 90% of children. We need to understand that health is a process of daily work to maintain the correct posture. It is important to learn how to walk, stand, sit, to organize the workplace. Set of physical exercises should help to maintain muscular frame and the formation and development of bones, normalize blood circulation.

By 18 years muscle weight should be 40-45% of the body weight. Lack of physical activity leads to premature aging of the body, loss of muscle mass, osteoporosis, that’s what we face today after the age of 30. Our body is a flexible structure, but constant static position will lead to blood circulation problems which will produce local congestion, compressed vascular and nerve structures. These factors lead to a violation of functional connections in the body, followed by symptomatic manifestations that indicate a particular disease.

In the process of prevention of spinal deformities we should not forget about the quality of shoes and the need for individual podocorrectors (correcting insoles). Only with podocorrectors shoes become individual! Podocorrectors can compensate the difference of the lengths of limbs, solve the problem of violation of biomechanics of walking, eliminate deformation of the foot arch, posture. They support the energy processes in the body at a constant balanced level.

Do not be surprised that you suffer low back pain, numb fingers, frequent headaches, fatigue, insomnia. Because you do not undergo orthopedic correction of elements of the musculoskeletal system. Orthopedic correction is 85% of success in self-healing.

The basis of the method of treatment of kyphosis and scoliosis is to compensate the shortening of the limbs, foot deformities, removal of the deep back muscles spasm, strengthening the muscular frame of the body. Identification of shortening to one of legs should be done as early as possible. Self-control posture is also an important factor to prevent deformation. In the morning stand in front of a mirror, straighten your back, tighten your abdominal muscles, pull up shoulders and move them back to the closing of the blades. Check the symmetry gap between the waist and hands. Remember this position, wait a minute without changing posture and keeping your muscles tense. Repeat the motion 5-8 times. This will give your muscles the mood for the whole day.

Parents need to know that the early detection of scoliosis in 99% of cases will allow to  eliminate it. Skeleton is just a system of levers and their position in space define muscle spasms which are not restored on their own. After eliminating muscle spasm muscles will expose a skeleton in the corresponding symmetric position and will effectively shrink, maintaining normal blood circulation in the body. The deformations are bad because of impaired circulation, lymphatic drainage followed by varicose veins, edema, obesity, cellulite, and as a result – full body intoxication.