Scoliosis is the reflex reaction of muscles apparatus on the command of Central Nervous System and vestibular apparatus. This reaction is directed at compensation of very substantial displacement – the whole body General Centre of Gravity (GCG) dislocation with respect to Centre of Gravity (CG) of bearing base support feet triangle.

GCG is in constant oscillatory movement in two planes that are perpendicular to each other. This perpetual movement is nature-established and has its origin in the muscles physiology, in their requirement for constant contractions, necessary for sustaining the stable skeleton posture and vital for cell metabolism. If the muscles contractile function is for some reason violated, this leads to deformations, to diminishing of their pump function, to decreasing of oxygen content and to formation of lactic acid. The human organism signals with pain to all described processes.

The persistent deviation of body GCG from vertical line occurs because either anatomic or functional (or both) difference in lower limbs lengths is present (because of feet and joint deformations). As GCG is located posteriorly (behind) the hip (coxa) joint, the primary rotation takes place for vertebrae of lumbosacral region of spinal bone. And just because every person owns the anatomic difference in legs length, precisely everybody experience the lower back (lumbar) pain. Rotation and bending of vertebrae column to the side of shorter lower limb is yet enhanced through functional shortening, which in turn exists because of variety of deformations, namely of feet, ankle, knee and hip joints. Notice that these deformations occur under the leg that is more loaded. Or another case is relative: heel bone and subtalar joint are swinging and swerving under the longer leg, in which pattern this leg shortens itself (when muscles are in hypertone condition). You can find details in “Shortening” section. It is on the short range of spinal bone sacral curve that the largest turnabout of intervertebral discs takes place, as well as muscles and ligaments micro-tears appear with painful feeling as the result. Compensation of this turning reaches its maximum in thoracic curve section, and in the region of 7th cervical vertebrae (C-7) the head is already in vertical posture. All this effort to bring the head into vertical position is dictated by necessity to define the human body location in surrounding space. That’s why when it is stated that in most cases it is impossible to find out and to trace the reason for scoliosis development, and at the same time the difference in legs lengths and the vestibular apparatus functioning are not mentioned in the list of possible factors and agents, then I would agree with those authors who pronounce: “medicine is unscientific”. Then really it has no knowledge of how the brain obtain electricity, what exactly insure blood circulation and cell metabolism, what is the sense of organism’s self-regulation, how the mechanism of scoliosis development emerges. And reality is such that all this vital matter is provided and insured by functioning of skeletal muscles and deep spinal muscles. If and when deformations are present, this functioning is disrupted.

The vertebrae column (spinal bone) is enforced with array of ligaments and with deeply deposited short muscles. They do not allow the discs to diverge, but at the same time could not prevent disks from rotation and twisting. The deep muscles play principal key role in sustaining the body in vertical posture and are named unbenders or defolders. Abdomen muscles, especially of anterior abdominal wall, are spinal benders or folders. Depending on legs lengths difference, the rotation angles for trapezium-like disks would be different. On the flat X-ray image the physician identifies it as spinal curvature and measures its angles of inclination. In region where the fold is present, namely from convex side, the muscles spasms emerge, the painful sensation is palpated on protuberant disc. Disturbance affects the muscles alimentation and nutriment, as well as blood circulation in their zone of influence and in internal organs. It is exactly one of the components for self-regulation process. If relaxation to tense muscle is not provided, it would keep the strain constantly. To relax the muscle means to restore its structure, to return cellular forms into original condition. But it is imperative to be done simultaneously with legs muscles relaxation and with compensation of shortening. Unfortunately the medicine is not able to correct the feet arches, to relax the cellular structure of the muscles and to measure difference in lower limbs lengths – there is no such equipment available that could permit doing all these with sufficient precision. And as for physics, biomechanics and material science specialists all described methods, procedures, resources and techniques are well known and familiar. Nowadays we developed all necessary devices and equipment in our Centre. For scoliosis elimination often several sessions are enough. Sometimes it takes days, weeks, but certainly not years. The spinal correction must be provided in unified technological process with feet and joints correction, and thereafter the sought-for result is observed – normalization of whole human organism functioning. Our organism represents the holistic system and non-traditional medicine was aware about this for a long time (the title non-traditional was given by those persons who are in reality very distant from genuine science).