Knock-knees (genu valgum)


Such position of the knees, one under another, is not a rarity. It is a definite sign that there is a substantial difference in lower limbs lengths. This difference sums up of both functional and anatomical legs shortening. Functional shortening is the result of arches descending and heel bone and ankle rotation. Anatomical difference is possible to define only after functional components are eliminated. This calls for necessary relaxation for deep spinal muscles and feet muscles.

To create the imprints that accurately reflect feet deformations is possible only by using hydrostatic method, when the body possesses the stable vertical position while standing on the diaphragms of communicating vessels. These imprints facilitate measuring and compensation for lower limbs lengths difference.

When body is positioned as described, usually the legs lengths difference reaches 8-15 mm. It means that difference is partly compensated by the spine column, and scoliosis deportment is formed. The analogical situation is observed with deterioration of knee and hip joints.

Deformations generate far reaching consequences – not only joints pain and painful sensation in lumbar (low back) and cervical (neck) spinal areas, but serious disturbances in internal organs functioning as well.

All this indicates that while providing feet correction, the foot specialist has no right to separate and emphasize any one single problem. Human organism is a holistic system, inside which condition of skeletal-muscular carcass is the foundation-stone for healthy organism.

Prophylaxis of X-shaped legs development must begin in the initial period of child’s skeleton evolution – before the child begins to stand on his feet, and before he starts walking.

The careful swaddling and regular massaging used to provide good results in forming of straight kids legs and proper position of the hip joints. Surprisingly, today there is an opinion that the feet correction has to begin after age of 4-7 years.

Last but not least: important role in deformations prophylaxis plays the footwear quality and characteristic features. The heel piece of the footwear has to be hard and firm to prevent the possibility of rotation for the heel bone.