The principal locomotive element (pump agent) sustaining the organism metabolism processes, blood circulation and lymph circulation, is skeletal-muscular structure. Sceleton is the system of levers, that creates resources and facilities for muscles contraction, for pumping blood, for nurturing cell and for extricating its decay products. Without muscles contraction metabolism processes would not be executed, moreover, functioning of respiratory, digestion, thermoregulation systems would not be possible.

Two thirds of all energy the human organism spends to sustain the functioning of skeletal-muscular apparatus. Two thirds of entire blood volume is located in venous system. The blood supply to the heart is executed by venous-muscles pumps of the feet, hips and abdomen. The muscles mass of the physically developed human being constitutes 45-50% of total body mass.

If muscles pump function is somehow disrupted, as well as blood circulation in any body point, the oxygen insufficiency emerges and lactic acid is formed. This acid affects nerve endings causing pain sensation. Nowadays yet more medical specialists come to understanding that any disease in some way originates in disruption of cell’s nutrition and in changing of its energy potential.

Such are the physiology of the processes in human organism and the role of its muscles. This role is not deeply studied yet, and only single authors make attempts for discussions. In our considerations, we are based on postulates that human organism is self-regulatory system. In this system, processes of cells renovation must facilitate the complete reconstruction and rehabilitation of functionality for all organism components.

Muscles do shape and sustain the posture at time of sleeping as well as awakening. Muscles are constantly in condition of preliminary contraction, and exactly this helps to sustain body volume and internal organs volumes. Micro-constrictions of the muscles are devices-tested as being micro-vibrations. These constant and persistent micro-movements support the cell nutriment and also the withdrawing of decay products in the sleeping period.

Physiology explains how exactly through contractile function of deep spine muscles the regulation of nutriment and energy condition for all organism systems is provided and secured. The brain cells are charged in the similar way from the source – the skeletal muscles that are fatigued through the day activity.

If to judge and to consider what is primary base and what ultimate result has to be achieved in correction process (correction for skeletal-muscular body carcass), it could be undoubtedly concluded: the specialists seek the normalization of all human organism functioning. The proof comes with observing and examining of definite tests results. While testing, we estimate the following: quality of correction, impact of bio-podocorrectors or other various impacts on the human organism. Any biosystem always gravitates to certain stability relatively to some conventional point of equilibrium. Biofield, that is organism energy condition, constitutes the substantial structure-conforming parameter. In the same manner, the muscles dilatation defines and secures provision of only those matters that would cause muscles contraction. The excessive dilatation leads to their spasm.

It is clearly seen that muscles do play magistral and governing role in all the organism processes.

Regardless all above mentioned obvious and established facts, medicine and human physiology do not confirm the corresponding sequence for interconnection in disease development. In orthopaedy you will not find references to the fact that deformations are primarily and principally represent distortion of feet pump function. Unfortunately, correction process for feet and spine is not based on elimination of muscles spasms. Forcible keeping the feet arches in place and restraining them by means of rigid orthotics, making attempts to align the spine with corsets are unacceptable, because these are the ways to muscles atrophy. Regardless the medicine awareness of this unfortunate connection, these alignment instruments are still widely used.

One strong conclusion is certain: any treatment must begin with correction of locomotor system, that is, with restoration of muscles functionality. Then and only then organism would be capable of self-restoration and self-rehabilitation.