The Latin term reflexus means «turned back, reflected», i.e. describes inverse connection.

Reflexology — the natural science school in psychology viewing the psychic (mental) activity as the aggregate of reflexes. Reflexology was developed in 1900 – 1930 period, mainly in Russia and is affiliated with activity of V. M. Bechterev. Around year of 1900 the American physician William Fitzgerald who worked in connection with European doctors, familiarized United States with reflexology. Its main goal is to bring into equilibrium the vital energies of human organism and through this facilitate general health.

With respect to Space the human being constitutes microsystem and, as every system, implicates the absolute and undivided integrity. Reflexology views the organism connection with environment through so called receptors of the feet, arms, ears and other parts of the body. And regardless the fact that physiological structure and even their existence itself are not so far defined scientifically, it is apparent and undisputed that environment does affect the human organism. This same impact we also notice in the process of bio-resonance therapy, as electrodes are in contact with any part of the body or located on some close distance. The same effect we observe when walking on the orthotics called bio-podocorrectors, as their material fixates the energy information of organism when feet imprints are made. And the analogical situation occurs also when mechanical impacts take place in the process of locomotor system correction, as the patient is standing on the hydrosystem.

All these force us to take thought and to introduce the assumption about different scientifically based “organism-environment” interconnection mechanism – especially while we are enlightened with new information on the “cluster” water structure that carries information about organism. General and principal matter of fact in these two approaches is that organism balanced on the energy level, i.e. organism that possesses the proper energy distribution and balance is in reality the healthy organism! The long-term observations over our patients who use orthotics bio-podocorrectors, provide the same indications. Blood-tests results and patients responses and comments certify that information from the orthotics podo-correctors influences organism by providing the energy distribution pattern. The fabric or leather footwear sole or orthotics accumulates negative information supplied by human organism that pulled through illness or disease, thus in some way preventing it from recovery. But contrary to this, information about balanced patient’s condition taken from bio-podocorrectors, is able to normalize the organism functioning in just seven days. Symptomatic complex of the present diseases disappear and is not renewed while our orthotics are in use. Our tests also give information that biological field of the human being and the earth’s (ground) field under the foot intersect with each other if separated by the footwear sole of 10mm and less in thickness. In this context the footwear manufacturers must be knowledgeable about materials and their thicknesses that only are acceptable for soles and orthotics producing. The material colour and its quality have to insure at least the neutral energy impact on the organism. Tibet medicine states that the influence through reflex zones of the feet is utmost effective. We join to this statement because bio-podocorrectors are additionally able to correct and restore the whole body locomotor system, to rebuild and regenerate the contractile pump function of the muscles that sustain the cell metabolism and energy potential.