Overloading of locomotor system


The dynamic load on the foot under condition of sports activity and army service exceeds the body mass from 50 up to 200 times: F = M × (5-20)g.

For the last 50-60 years the number of feet deformations grew from 4-7% to 85-97% for population of developed countries. Practically every person has specific, unique feet arches deformations and also difference in lower limbs lengths. This leads inevitably to the distortion in nature-based sequence of muscles contractions. Muscle contractions are the cornerstone of lymphatic pumps functioning and venous-muscles pump functioning, therefore at the end of this chain the compromised cellular metabolism is located and, naturally, discrepancies in organism functioning as well.

Hydro-technology of manufacturing orthotics called bio-podocorrectors permits to unload the feet and spine. These orthotics provide stability of the body, they force General Centre of Gravity (GCG) to coincide with centre of gravity for feet support triangle, they distribute the load evenly over entire support surface of the foot. Consequently, the vertebral column is able to bear those much more substantial loads that sportsmen and military staff face.

The orthotics material itself helps in restoring the amortizing function of the feet, assists in muscles contraction. Besides, it has excellent thermo-isolating properties and keeps the feet temperature constant when external temperature is up to –35°C. Orthotics do not absorb moisture and are able to sustain body temperature in water environment and under freezing conditions.

Orthotics successfully extinguish vibrations when person is working on the ship decks or other similar objects. Answering the needs of anti-fungus prophylactics, orthotics are washable and treatable with various anti-fungus preparations.

Bio-podocorrectors restore gait’s biomechanics, which is one of the pivotal factors that influence the muscles mitochondria development (mitochondria help to sustain the energy cellular metabolism for entire human organism). The orthotics material becomes polarized under influence of human energy field at the instant of getting foot imprint. This information represents the stabilizing factor defining the organism’s stability. Control over influence of feet and spine correction, as well as how physical loads affect organism condition, is provided with the help of computer systems. Therefore process of organism’s restoration becomes objective and is constantly under control.

Weight of orthotics does not exceed 9-12 grams, hence there is no additional energy needed in the walking process.