Modern orthopedics


Today’s situation in feet and vertebral orthopedics is far from being in proper state.  If 60 years ago the correction of the “flat feet” WAS connected to the human organism structure, and lowering of the muscle tone with aging, today it HAS become the prerogative of the younger generation. The statistics prove that 87% of the population in developed countries have feet deformations, in contrast to only 4-7% of the population in African countries, India and China. Clinical (medical) examinations in 2000 in Russia have shown that the first place is given to the posture deformations, gastrointestinal diseases, 68-97% of the preschoolers have these problems. Despite the fact that these numbers are beyond all epidemic norms, the problem is viewed as something that has no solution. Not a lot of people are taking into account that there is a connection between deformations and distortion in work of the organs systems and the whole organism. But this connection becomes obvious when we look closer at the body’s physiology, i.e. the role of the skeleton muscles in supporting cellular metabolism.

The fact that medical doctors think that orthopedic insoles are not working, shows that they are ignorant to facts. They lack the knowledge of the basic geometry, theoretical mechanics, as well as the human anatomy. It is obvious that without understanding how to treat deformations, there is no understanding of the consequences following them.

When we say that in the process of a deformation the foot or any other part of the skeleton is deformed and its certain function is lost, first of all we’re talking about the pumping function of the muscles. We need to change our understanding of muscle functions in the body. We have to understand that the movement supports pumping function of the muscles. The main purpose of the muscles is not just locomotive (movement). This was the key point of our research, analysing the world’s situation, which is similar in almost all the countries in feet orthopedics, and we are looking for the reasons why the treatment is almost impossible. The main focus in the process of feet corrections, that we are bringing up, is to restore lymph and blood circulation, i.e. normalization of the cellular metabolism.

Analysing the methods of feet deformations diagnostics and manufacturing of the insoles, we realized that there is no definition of the deformation itself. The deformation is the result of the skeleton displacement when balance between the load and muscle tone is distorted. The load is equal to the mass of the body, in standing position, but when we are moving, the forces F=m (5-20) G acting on the foot. This proves that in the process of correction we have to work with the load and muscle tone. The point of the load application, or so-called General Center of the Gravity of the body, is in the lumbar region (L4; L5). GCG in women is 2 cm lower than in men. Shifting in GCG of the body, relatively to the supporting points of the arches, defines certain types of the feet and vertebral deformations.

The specialists, who deal with feet corrections, manufacturing of the insoles, do not consider positioning of the GCG, the skeletal structures above the knee. The arches of the foot are the structures that keep the body in stable vertical position, and have only 3 supporting points. When other supporting points appear, this is the deformation. The main task in the process of the insoles’ design and manufacturing, i.e. bringing the arches back on their natural supporting points, is not done. If the inner arches are lifted, new supporting points appear. There is no proper diagnostics and treatment of the feet arches deformations: longitudinal and transverse, that’s where all other types of deformations begin. When the medial longitudinal arch loses its shock absorbing function, it descends, and the area of support underneath becomes larger, lowering the inner arch. The space underneath the inner arch is necessary for shock absorption, when the walking speed is up to 60-65 km/h. If we put rigid insoles, the arch cannot absorb the shock. When forces of inertia are not absorbed and every time the foot hits the ground the shock will go along the nerves straight to the brain. That equals “flat feet” condition.

This is not the only example in the chain of the mistakes made in feet orthopedics. Today we can see that the training of the technicians, who design the insoles, do not include the necessary disciplines like physiology, biomechanics, theoretical mechanics etc.

Medical doctor should not deal with feet corrections. Even though the medical practice shows that doctors only perform the diagnostics, which in most of the cases are improper. When the gypsum imprints are made, the shape of the insole imprints is changed and, without certain knowledge it’s hard to distinguish which leg that imprint belongs to.

It is obvious for the specialists in mechanics, physics, mathematics; they know the exact location of the GCG of the supporting triangle of the foot, what is the main function of the foot arches, why one of the limbs becomes shorter in the process of deformation and the consequences of the deformation process.

When we examine the feet before and after the process of correction of muscle functions, biomechanics of walking; we can see that the whole organism starts working properly within hours, days and weeks. In particular, normalization of the level of the sugar in the blood, bowel movement, gastrointestinal problems, like heartburn, skin problems, and many other conditions that were considered to have no cure. One of the main functions of the human being is walking. This process supports development of mitochondria and cellular metabolism. This is the self-regulating function of the body to support these processes. 45-50% of the body mass consists of the skeletal muscles. Central Nervous System and vestibular apparatus use 2/3 of all the energy to support the muscles that prevent the body from falling.

The process of musculoskeletal system corrections, manufacturing of the orthopedic insoles requires testing, control of their effect on the human organism from the beginning of usage. During the process of testing we can see how the body can deal with any irregularities within, something that is natural for self-regulating function of the system. Consistent contractions of the muscles make the system work; this is the nature of biomechanics of movements.

The results of our research have shown that any treatment has to start from corrections of the musculoskeletal system elements.

Most of the educational medical programs do not include that part. People still think that it is the heart that supplies the whole body with blood, despite the fact that 94-96% of work is done by muscles; we don’t even mention the lymph system. We didn’t mention here the reflective influence of the insoles upon the human body, that all the processes in the body are the reflective. Nevertheless, reflexology is not considered to be a part of the medicine. That’s because the medicine is not a science either.

In the process of analysing all the mistakes, the new methods and technologies in the functional correction of the musculoskeletal system were created. The new type of the orthopedic custom-made unloading insoles are BIO-PODOCORRECTORS, which will help to restore the whole human organism. The human body doesn’t need medical treatment; this is against the laws of the nature.