Arthrosis, deterioration of joint cartilage layer, is hardly the most widespread disease all over the world for those who are involved in serious sport activity, dancing, who regularly works in standing position. Women who deform their feet with high heel-pieces and tight narrow footwear, couldn’t avoid arthrosis either. Arthrosis originates in metabolism violation for cartilage layer. Such type of arthrosis is usually called osteoarthrosis.

But hardly there is the widespread consideration into the fact that when feet deformation occurs, it leads to change of bones conjugation on the joints surfaces. Now bones are in contact not over the whole surface, but only by separate points and lines. The contact area is decreasing, the pressure rises and cartilage is thinning and wearing out much faster. Often the joints crackling over movement is assumed as beginning of arthrosis development, but in reality crackling originates in lack of lubrication liquid secretion, which in turn is due to muscles atony. The joint surfaces are moved apart by the muscles. That is why when you wake up in the morning, don’t rush on your feet – it is more useful to indulge yourself for several minutes, to move and thus to warm up your muscles. From engineering point of view, deterioration of the fraction pairs is considered as the result of sagging and asymmetry, when forces act over details’ contacting surfaces. For some reasons, this factor is not taken into account in orthopaedics. The pain appearance is not considered as attribute of overloading and muscles spasm. The experienced massage operator would promptly sense the spasm-seized muscle and eliminate the spasm, thus the pain disappears in a few minutes time.

More often than not the doctors suggest joint replacement. But they do not inform that artificial hip or knee joint actually means disability. You will not be able to run and jump, your movements will be limited, both in rotation range and in loading. It is worth mentioning that after this type of surgery utmost important is to perform hydrostatic correction and compensation of lower limbs lengths difference (if this difference is present, the healthy joints could be affected by much more serious deterioration). Orthopaedic specialists do not have proper equipment to define such lengths difference, and they usually give it the rough estimate. Such approximation only make the problem worse.

It makes sense to begin prophylactics for joints deterioration in early years, when joints are forming and the child starts walking. The feet correction is imperative to consider as the corrective process for all locomotor parts and elements, the spine column on the first place. This complex goal is fulfilled by the methods for manufacturing the functional corrective orthotics – bio-podocorrectors. Our own hydrostatic equipment gives possibility to align body General Centre of Gravity (GCG) with Centre of Gravity (CG) for bearing base feet support triangle. As the result, legs lengths difference is compensated. The procedure succeeds with 100% objectiveness, and no other technology in the world could solve the like problem.

The rapid deterioration of cartilage often depends on muscles conditions, in case if they are not able to compensate the loading and all load is received by ligament apparatus. The conjugate joints surfaces become distorted. It is well known fact that number of women arthrosis sufferers is twice as big as men sufferers. One reason for this we already mentioned, it is high heel-piece, that deforms all skeletal joints – up to the very neck. But there exists still another possible factor, pregnancy. Over this period not only fast change of weight takes place, but weakening of ligaments as well. It so happens because organism extracts special substances to increase ligaments elasticity in the labour period. This special period in woman’s life is particularly important in terms of deformations prophylactics for feet and spine, normalization of blood circulation and varicoses exertions. To restore the organism after pregnancy means to rebuilt and rehabilitate the locomotor structures. Otherwise it is not possible to eliminate pain and properly arrange organism functioning as a whole entity. The person who understand this wise facts, appreciate importance of proper feet correction, gait and footware correction – this person would never suffer from arthrosis, arthritis, varicoses, swelling.