The fact of the matter is that science knowledge is subject to change with time. The following fact is available in scientific surveys: over 50% of theories and methods employed in contemporary medical practice are not factually correct and are not reliable (these conclusions are made by prominent world scientist and specialists who studied and analysed scientific and statistical sources for period of time 1935-1995).

Modern approaches of medicine to questions of rehabilitation, restoration of functionality of an organism are antiscientific. This declaration naturally calls for serious set of arguments. The following arguments are quite simple and fully understandable for every educated person. For the beginning I would like to underline that human organism is the self-regulated system, and the biological cell is the base for its functioning. Skeleton muscles are responsible for cellular metabolism and functionality. If in the wholeness of system (human body) one of the parameters is compromised (namely lymph and blood circulation), then inevitably the functionality of all system’s parameters and subcomponents is compromised either.

Medicine constitutes that blood circulation is provided and secured by the heart. At the same time physiology and biomechanics rightly state that 96% of all active work in the system of blood circulation is done by skeleton muscles. Analogical work must be done in the system of lymph circulation which does not contain heart. If to abovementioned we will add that skeleton muscles represent 45-55% of the body mass, it is reasonable to assume that pain feelings, arthroses, deformations and other diseases of similar kind are connected with muscles condition. Even more specific – with condition of skeleton-muscular carcass of the body and with presence of deformations in it. Alas, so far I was not able to get even one right answer on definition and nature of deformation from specialists who are occupied by correction of feet and spine. I still wonder how it is possible to correct the feet not considering the spine and vice versa. Thus, when correcting spine, the functional component of leg shortening (it appears because of feet arches deformation) is not taken into account and not eliminated. Besides, position of GCG of the body and condition of the muscles are not considered either.

In the ARTICLES segment we intend to present the results of our work efforts and to display our vision as to every problem of feet correction. These problems have already outgrown the frames of regular orthopaedics for the reason of wholeness of organism function. Going through every stage of our work, we were eager to find the answer to next question: why it so happened that after feet correction and after employing podo-correctors we routinely observe the following results: blood circulation in lower limbs becomes normal, skin surface is restored, there is no need to amputate the limb as consequence of diabetes gangrene development, blood sugar is normalized, pimples and constipations disappear, heartburn never resumes, functioning of thyroid gland comes to normal. Difficult is to be accustomed to such result, but it must not be called a miracle either. The necessity to change everybody’s mentality and to stop killing the human organism with excessive medicine is more and more obvious. The persons who routinely use podo-correctors, are not prone to diseases and ailments, and this lasts for years.

It is utmost important that specialists in various scientific and relevant applied fields could be able to perform their own analysis. At the same time desirable for them is to gain the following understanding: it is necessary to eliminate factors that suppress the organism functioning, but not only just to make efforts to get rid of disease symptoms. The axiom must be firmly considered – the main engines of cellular metabolism processes are the skeleton muscles. Note that however worn out are the body muscles at the end of the day, still they routinely charge the brain cells-accumulators. Our results prove that each and every therapy has to begin with elimination of deformations in the structures of skeleton-muscles carcase of feet and spine, as this certainly leads to restoration of muscles pump function. For this reason orthotics must be attributed to therapeutic devices and must be tested before giving them to the patients.